Water Testing

Water testing is an important part of caring for your pool or spa. Too many or too little chemicals can damage your pool and pool equipment. Aquazone Pools and Spas recommend regular water testing to keep the quality of your water at a high level.

Your local pool shop can assist you with water testing and the process is quite easy! Simply contact your local pool shop and provide them with a sample of your pool water. They will be able to assess the chemical balance of your pool or spa water and diagnose any imbalance that may exist.

Pool Water Testing - Shepparton, Bendigo & Rural Victoria

It is a great way to make sure that your pool or spa is safe and the water always sparkling clean and ready for use.

Apart from keeping your pool or spa water healthy and safe to swim in, it will also assist in controlling stains, scale build up and corrosion of pool equipment.

If pH levels, alkalinity levels or the calcium hardness levels are too high, your pool will likely be cloudy and you may notice mineral deposits building up on your pool surface. On the other hand, if the calcium or pH levels are too low, this can lead to corrosion, etching or pitting of pool surface and pool equipment.

Regular water testing allows you to keep a close eye on these levels. Allowing you to adjust the chemical levels of your pool or spa water as the need arises. Remember to adjust the total alkalinity before adjusting the pH, calcium or stabiliser.

Aquazone Pools and Spas recommend that the following chemical levels be maintained:

  Min Max
400 4500
30 70
Free Chlorine
1 5
7.4 7.8
80 120
Calcium Hardness 
100 175