Pool Accessories

There is a large range of pool accessories available to extend the life and increase the visual appearance of your pool or spa. These are:

  • Solar Heating - Solar heating greatly extends the use of your pool. With the water that little warmer, you can swim for a few extra months each year.
  • Auto Refillers - An auto refiller will automatically top up your pool or spa water level as required. Eliminating the need to manually top up with your garden hose, ensuring water levels are always kept at required levels for smooth running of pool pumps and filtration.
  • Filtration - At Aquazone Pools & Spas we use the latest technology in pumps available . We use high-flow pumps as well as energy saving pumps. For more information on the filtration systems, that Aquazone Pools and Spas recommend, go to the Pool Cleaners page.
  • Chlorination System - There are many chlorination systems to choose from. We recommend a Saltwater Pool, Automatic Chlorine Dosing System, or Acqua Therepe'.  For more information on the chlorination systems that Aquazone Pools and Spas recommend, go to the Pool Cleaners page.
  • Lights - Have Aquazone Pools and Spas install LED or multi-coloured lights in your pool or spa. These will add greater visual impact day and night. Visit Spa Electrics Underwater Lighting Specialists for more information.
  • Pool Blankets and Covers - These are a great addition to your pool or spa. Pool blankets and covers will reduce water evaporation by up to 90%, reduce chemical usage, extend the swimming season by keeping the water temperature warmer and greatly reducing the amount of time you will spend cleaning your pool by eliminating most debris and contaminants that enter your pool or spa. Visit Daisy Pool Covers for more information
  • Gas Heating - Gas heating is often used for spas, but can also be used in pools, allowing you and your family to extend the time you can use your pool. At Aquazone Pools and Spas, we use Hurlcon Heaters. Visit   Hurlcon Pool Heaters for more information.